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    Loved using the Last Minute Specials…

    by testimonials 03.15.2012

    My husband and I have loved using the Last Minute Specials…


    We have been to:

    Big Bear California –Snow Lake Lodge

    St Maartin Guana Bay -Phillipsburg

    Costa Rica -Pueblo Real -Quepos

    Las Vegas-Jockey Club


    Great Vacations all of them..

    I recommend using them when ever possible and saving points for other trips…


    Thanks again



    Guana Bay Beach Villas | PuebloReal | Jockey Club The | Snow Lake Lodge

    Guana Bay Accommodations

    by testimonials 03.09.2012

    Well, we are back from an awesome 2 weeks in St Martin, weather was great the entire time and we had a very good time, as well Lisa's parents loved everything about the Island.
    Just wanted to thank you for setting things up with Max for unit #3, it was perfect. As usual Max was great and willing to help in anyway. We can not wait to go back!!! Once again thanks and we will keep in touch.

    Rick & Lisa


    Guana Bay Beach Villas

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