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    Point System

    by testimonials 05.10.2011

    Initially, since we were approached to change to the "points" system a few years ago, our reaction was that we paid up for 49 years and that we would continue on with this as we did not want to pay out another "lump" sum to change to points.  However, with the changes RCI has made (which GeoPremiere has no control over) we decided it best to change over.


    We have now discovered that there are a lot more possibilities for us with the "point" system.  My husband and I are retiring and I have always wanted to have about a month away in the winter for a break from our long winters.  I never thought this would be possible through timeshare.  Not only do we now start again with another 45 years but the best part of this is that we can accelerate weeks (e.g. if you want to bring your 45th year forward to use now, pay the maintenance fees at today's rate - you can use those points add them to your current points to lenghten your time away).  We were originally going to go to Florida in November to check out places to rent for a month in the winter and I discovered that accelerating would be more cost effective and worry free than renting. 


    I just wanted to share the positives of changing over and as the industry has changed so much over the years, in my opinion, this is the better way to go.



    Mary and Gil



    Europe & Seasons Holidays

    by testimonials 05.09.2011

    As an original long time member of Geo-Premiere, and enjoying many holidays at both our own and exchange properties, and cruises, in North America and Europe, we subsequently upgraded several years ago to Geo-Holiday and the points system.


    We find that the additional, and larger, flexibility in choosing resorts, and the ability to use the “acceleration” feature, has made our Geo membership even more valuable to us.





    Ice Hotel - Quebec City

    by TravelBoy 01.11.2010

    Hi folks,

    Well we are just back from our month at Calabogie Lodge.  In fact we cut the trip short (left 4 nights before our last week was up) as I made a reservation at the Ice Hotel in Quebec City to surprise my wife and kids for Valentines Day.  So we are off to sip Vodka from glasses made of ice, in our room made of ice, in the building made of ice - and when we are tired, we get to sleep in our fur lined ice bed(s).

    I booked a Theme Suite that sleep 5 people so there should be room for us all.

    This time I will remember to pack the digicam as I am sure there will be plenty of pictures worth posting on the site for others to see (or at least I am hopeful that there will be).  After a couple of nights at the hotel, we are going to stay a night in the Old City (Quebec).  Carnivale is over (last weekend) so we should only catch the tail-end of the crowds.

    In any event, more pics to follow (if I can remember the camera!)


    TB  :)




    by manuelrodriguez 01.11.2010

    discovered this forum a while ago, great info source in from time to time pretty hilarous reply's. And it's also a nice way of kinda staying in touch with the place.
    I'm sure I'll find this forum useful and will hopefully be able to contribute with some experiences in the future.
    Thx guys!



    Universal - Orlando

    by TravelBoy 12.26.2009

    Where oh Where are all the Club Members???

    Does anyone out there travel?  Why not share your experience so we all can learn from each other about favorite destinations, club resorts, and area attractions?  I have to say that with so many members registered, I am disappointed at the lack of member input to the forum…..

    We have just returned from another 12 days in Orlando – stayed at the lovely Summer Bay Resort again, this time in the Villas.  We were fortunate to receive one of the newly updated units so it was quite nice indeed (certainly great value for the points expended – even though it was prime time).

    Anyway, I have already written about Summer Bay and the other Orlando resorts we frequent so no more on that.  What I did discover though, that I wanted to share, is how great Universal Studios is, and in particular Universal, Islands of Adventure.  I had been to Universal when I was a teen and recalled it being fairly plain (and spread out), especially in relation to the Disney Parks – the truth is, I still feel that way about Universal Studios itself.  You only need 1-1.5 days to see everything and hit the good rides a couple of times (Back to the Future, MIB Alien Attack, Fear Factor Live, Shrek 4D to name most of them).

    However, Universal - Islands of Adventure has a fresh, Disney-like feel to it and is located adjacent to Universal Studios itself so you can jump between both parks easily (with City Walk (shops and restaurants/clubs) in the middle joining the two parks) and is packed with great thrill rides like the Hulk, Spiderman (the best 3D movie I have seen) and Dueling Dragons – two wicked roller-coasters where you are suspended from the rails.  The dragons, Fire and Ice they are called, are a great ride!  The boutique shopping is also WAY better at this park than the Studios.

    The best part of all – right now you can buy a 7 day pass on the Universal web-site with Park Hopping privileges and access to City Walk in evenings for only $85.  You read that right – not $85/day (the one day ticket is close to $70) but $85 USD for 7 consecutive days.  GREAT value!

    So if in the Orlando Kissimmee area in the next little while – give Disney a break and hit Universal and Universal – Islands of Adventure.  You won’t be disappointed….

    TB  :)

    P.S.  To whoever reads this from the Club Admin – I have sent 3 emails over the last couple of months that have gone unanswered related to getting tips or better tools to post pictures up on the forum portal.  Responses would be appreciated.  thks



    Just want to say hi

    by manuelrodriguez 12.26.2009

    Im having fun here,... and I like travel ... anybody likes ?



    Playa Del Carmen – Mexico

    by testimonials 12.20.2009

    I am enclosing some pictures of our stay at beautiful Viva Maya and Viva Azteca, Playacar, Playa del Carmen in February 2006.

    We stayed one week at each of the resorts, which are a five minute walk apart. We had a wonderful time, the staff were friendly and helpful, the food bountiful, and the cafe latte was excellent. Entertainment nightly at Viva Maya was excellent.

    Suzanne Gumpert




    GeoHolidays Rod Black, Television Sportscaster

    by testimonials 12.16.2009

    You have just made a decision that will improve the quality of your life. My wife and I have been members for several years now and we have no regrets. You can look forward to years of exciting travel opportunities.
    In fact since I have become a member - I have become addicted to the Club. I am a Geo-Holic! From the growing list of stunning destinations, to the exquisite accommodations - GeoHoliday makes it very difficult not to take many vacations each year! And what I am saving on hotel accommodation, means that I can afford to take more than one destination vacation a year!

     Whether it is golfing with my wife at spectacular Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, or visiting Mickey at Disney World. In fact, I am writing this from the beach, soaking up the sun and building sandcastles with my kids on beautiful Sanibel Island.

      Planning and making reservations with member services could not be simpler. So simple, that even television announcers can handle making the reservations! The kids love it. The wife loves it, my parents and friends love it and I know you will too.

    Maybe I will see you on the beach!



    Albufeira, Portugal

    by testimonials 12.11.2009

    Absolutely excellent! This is the standard we expect from Geo! Perfect setting away from the crowds, friendly, super cleanliness. 9/10!

    R. & R. Boisvert


    Alto Golf and Country Club | General

    Pinnel Island - Sint Maarten

    by testimonials 12.02.2009

    With Geo since 1989 and I can’t believe we haven’t tried St Maarten sooner. It is such a gorgeous island. Having thoroughly enjoyed seeing the local beauty on both the French and Dutch side, we were on our last full day of vacation believing it just couldn’t get any better. We were encouraged to go snorkelling at Pinnel Island. What a jewel! Just 5 minutes by ferry, we found Pinnel to be quiet hide away. Picturesque beaches, a 360 degree panoramic view, two small charming beach side restaurants; and yes, the snorkelling was delightful. We are definitely going back.

    Mike Giovinazzo



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