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    Holiday Feedback

    by testimonials 07.25.2011

    I want to pass along our thanks for helping us book our family holiday at GeoHoliday Heights. We had 2 units - a 1 B/R for my son Brian and his family, and 1 B/R with Studio for my daughter Joanne and her family, with my wife  Rosemary and I staying in the Studio. Our experience for the week was excellent, and we are now planning our 2012 summer family holiday together. The Auberge du Lac Morency provided first class amenities which we all enjoyed. Of course, the grandkids loved the beach, the pools and the daily activities offered at the Auberge restaurant. The units themselves were roomy and well equipped and the wireless internet worked dependably. The Auberge offered a variety of options for guided tours,fishing and water sports, and cross-country adventures with Jeep and/or ATV's. And the staff were most friendly and helpful.We met some other GeoHoliday members who told us about a couple of their momorable experiences,including a family holiday at Haliburton Heights last year.
    All in all, we enjoyed a wonderful week in the Laurentians at our GeoHoliday resort.
    I will be in touch with you to reserve 2 or 3 units for next summer at Haliburton Heights. We are keen to do it again, possibly with our son from Ireland and his family joining us for a week in Haliburton.
    Thanks again for your assistance,
    Best wishes,
    Mike & Rosemary M
    Joanne M


    GeoHoliday Heights at Lac Morency

    My trip to Quebec

    by cashton 12.13.2009

    Just returned from Quebec and had a fabulous time! The Geo Holiday Heights units are beautiful. Take a look at some of our pics. Thanks geoholidays!


    GeoHoliday Heights at Lac Morency

    Geo Holidays Heights at Lac Morency

    by testimonials 11.30.2009

    The rooms where exceptionalyy clean and in tip-top condition. Since the snow condition was not at its best, we throughly enjoyed the swimming pool-jacuzzi-sauna, snowshoeing, walking the trails etc.

    Thank you!

    Marcel Braun


    GeoHoliday Heights at Lac Morency

    Geo Holiday Resorts

    by testimonials 11.21.2009

    I stayed at one of our Canadian Resorts while attending the Porsche Parade held at Mt. Tremblant. It was a fabulous place and the scenery was spectacular

    Nancy Frey - Member since 2003


    GeoHoliday Heights at Lac Morency

    Pics of Lac Morency GEO Property

    by TravelBoy 11.21.2009

    Club Members,

    As highlighted in my post under the GEO Holiday Heights location in the forum, here are some pics we took in November 2006 of both the interior of the GEO Premiere and the GEO Holiday Heights accomodations as well as some exterior shots of the property in general.

    Hope you enjoy!

    TB  :)


    GeoHoliday Heights at Lac Morency

    GeoHoliday Heights, Quebec, Canada

    by testimonials 11.20.2009

    There's LOTS of things to do at GeoHoliday Heights to help keep active children busy. On-site activity counselors encourage everyone to join in the fun and games, C'mon in the waters great! Our family had a fantastic vacation week at GeoHoliday Heights in Quebec. Words just can't describe the beauty of the area or the unit and amenities available. Thank you GeoHoliday.

    Susan & Brian Keegan - Members since 1990


    GeoHoliday Heights at Lac Morency

    GeoHoliday Heights at Lac Morency, Quebec, Canada

    by testimonials 11.12.2009

    This short report is to say how pleased and awed we (all 6) were with the condition of the new units we were assigned while on holidays at the Lac Morency resort. I was used to that with GEO but the other five guests could not believe the quality, cleanliness and condition of the units. The service and minor repairs were exemplary and courteous. The staff could not be better... specially Fanny, a true sweetheart and gregarious sports rep. Every member of the staff was very fine, mind you. They should be commended. The rooms were exceptionally clean and in tip-top condition. Since the snow condition was not at its best, we thoroughly enjoyed the swimming pool-Jacuzzi-sauna, snowshoeing, walking the trails etc.

    Thank-you sincerely,

    Marcel Braun


    GeoHoliday Heights at Lac Morency

    GeoHolidays Height at Lac Morency

    by testimonials 11.08.2009

    This was a wonderful resort getaway for an extended, long weekend. Though we were only in a studio this time around, it was all we needed as we were either on the ski hills, dinning in St. Sauveur (or in the great restaurant on-site) or soaking in the resort hot tub and alternating between the hot sauna and the terrific stars line up for us and it was much appreciated! We will definitely be back – next time with the whole clan!!

    S & J Aughey


    GeoHoliday Heights at Lac Morency

    Geo Holidays at GeoHoliday Heights, Quebec, Canada

    by testimonials 11.04.2009

    Hello Rohini,

    Raffaele and I have just returned from one of the best holidays we have ever had..... the Mexican holidays in the winter are one thing but the week in the Laurentians was superb….. we kayaked, canoed, played tennis, swam in the lake hiked and biked every single day and then when the day was done we went into the sauna and whirlpool, ate a light meal in our very cute studio loft and went to sit by the lake to stare at the stars…….. total peace, total relaxation..... clean lake.... No motorboats… small but quiet beach….. Raffaele also took in a great massage and he has had many but never as good as this one….. he even asked the masseuse to continue for another hour after her hour was done..... The staff was always smiling… the studio loft was welllocated right across from the tennis court. In town – the little village of St. Hippolyte (one church, one city hall, one senior’s resident, one gas station, real state office, 2 little cafes and one grocery store) had a grocery store that catered to those who wanted to make meal time simple but delicious and fresh.... Ready to cook brochettes, seafood etc. already marinated…. Vegetables of every kind to cut up yourself or already cut up and ready to go.... Fresh raspberries and other local fruit and veg…. terrific..... St. Sauveur – 15 minutes away…… had the night life if one wanted it and great boutiques and shopping..... (stayed away…. Just wanted to play!!!)…. Outdoor free concerts etc.....In nearby Prevost....... We rented bikes (very reasonable) and biked along the “Petit Train du Nord” path wich runs from summer at each village and along the way, little cafes, art festivals, beautiful falls etc. to stop and relax.

    WHAT CAN I SAY? It was great and for us only 2 hours door to door – a bonus!

    Thank you for checking availability and finding us this little slice of heaven..... no other word for it and Rafe feels exactly as I do......

    Have a great day, Rohini and thank you once again!!!


    Rita Beltempo


    GeoHoliday Heights at Lac Morency

    GeoHolidays Rod Black, Television Sportscaster

    by testimonials 10.30.2009

    You have just made a decision that will improve the quality of your life. My wife and I have been members for several years now and we have no regrets. You can look forward to years of exciting travel opportunities.
    In fact since I have become a member - I have become addicted to the Club. I am a Geo-Holic! From the growing list of stunning destinations, to the exquisite accommodations - GeoHoliday makes it very difficult not to take many vacations each year! And what I am saving on hotel accommodation, means that I can afford to take more than one destination vacation a year!

     Whether it is golfing with my wife at spectacular Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, or visiting Mickey at Disney World. In fact, I am writing this from the beach, soaking up the sun and building sandcastles with my kids on beautiful Sanibel Island.

      Planning and making reservations with member services could not be simpler. So simple, that even television announcers can handle making the reservations! The kids love it. The wife loves it, my parents and friends love it and I know you will too.

    Maybe I will see you on the beach!


    GeoHoliday Heights at Lac Morency

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