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    Europe & Seasons Holidays

    by testimonials 05.10.2011

    We have just recently returned from a multi-week holiday in Portugal that started with 2 weeks at a beautiful spot in The Algarve – thanks to Geo’ points program and an exchange.


    We were able to get it through an exchange, tks to work by Bryce and Josh last year.


    We can certainly strongly recommend this resort if anyone else is looking in that area.


    The property belongs to Seasons Holidays from the UK:


    Since it was such a nice and well located facility, we were wondering if we (from Geo) could have access to other Seasons Holidays resorts through an exchange program, as we understand that they often exchange into Canada, and they have several other UK and European resorts we would like to visit.


    Tks again for Geo’s help in arranging this.






    Ourapraia Aparthotel

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